When my Right Hand Failed Me!

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I know it would sound funny but genuinely my right hand failed me, and I learned a lesson  I think you should learn from also…

I could remember I was invited for a party once and I been a timid person, i found it hard to eat in front of anyone… Honestly, I find it hard not because I don’t want to eat but because I cannot make use of my right hand since I was a left-handed person!

We are in the world where eating etiquette is essential when it comes to important occasions! Right?

Well, to cut a long story short, I was invited to a get together…I was sitting close to a lady who offered me some snacks and since I don’t want to reject what she provided me, I had to take it and that was where my right hand failed me because I knew i cannot use it and i had to!

Immediately, I proceeded, I  couldn’t eat fast because I have never tried to use my right hand… I never tried to learn new things with the right side of my hand… It was a painful experience! Even though my Grandpa had forced me severally, I never learned to use it…

Sometimes, life places many of us in positions of not wanting to try out new things, and that is why when a door closes(Career wise), we find it difficult to stand tall again. “When you allow people to easily predict your future when it comes to success, you are not learning something new or you are not doing something new!”

God has given you gifts and until you turn that one to two;  that two to four or that five to ten, you might continue to struggle. When you don’t learn continuously, you will be filled with low self-esteem, and that is because you don’t have the needed bullet to load that gun of yours!

One of the sweetest ways of becoming what God has called you to be is for you to sharpen your skills regularly… Be ready to learn something new daily and above all, be prayerful.

Now, below I will highlight ways off not making your right Hand fail you…

(I). Learn Something New Daily: Most people have not come to realize the power of learning something new daily. When you can learn something new daily, you become better every day. I have taken it as a responsibility to read a chapter of any book per day. Learn from people you feel will add value to your life. Try to learn fresh things…You can learn from books, movies, people, etc… The essential thing is that you are learning something new every day!

(II) Believe In Yourself: You can only become who God has called you to be if you believe in yourself. So many people have failed to realize the journey to be becoming great in life starts with them believing in themselves.  When you believe in yourself, you will go the extra miles to do things that will help you become who God has called you to be. You will not want to leave any stone unturned, and that is because you know it is a most for you to know how to make use of that right hand!

To Be Continued…

Samantha Smith

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