5 Little Mistakes that Hinders a Christian’s Blessing(s)

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Mistakes That Hinders a Christian Blessing

(I) Your Inability to Roll Away the Stone

 One of the most potent mistakes some Christians make is their inability to roll away the stone. When expecting God to move on your behalf, you must be ready to take action. God is a God of impossibilities but do you expect him to do some little things he expects you to do for you? When Jesus wanted to raise  Lazarus, he commanded the stone to be rolled away. Right? He had the power to control that stone to move away, but Jesus never did because he knew it was something that could be done by just reasoning. After the stone was rolled away, power flowed, and Lazarus got his blessing of been raised from the dead. Until you roll that stone that is always hindering you from receiving from God away, you might find it difficult to get your blessing. Until you roll away that stone that stops you from taking the necessary steps you might not be blessed. Until you roll away that stone that prevents you from creating space for God to bless you; you might end up without any blessing. You need to establish that connection by doing the needful for you to receive from God. Don’t expect God to do everything for you. You need to take a bold step by going the extra miles so God can attend to your case.   Remove all stones from your way, and you will surely receive your blessings……

A young once woke up and realized the Cops had arrested his Father for owing a particular Family. The boy’s mother was pregnant, so he hid the information from his mother. He felt the mother might be affected by the news, so he didn’t tell her. Not knowing what to do, he went to church to pray. He told God he didn’t want to lose his mother and father at the same time. While conversing with his father, he asked God to at least save one of his parents. After praying, God gave him an idea, and he left the church. He knew God would surely help but not taking a right decision might be detrimental so he…

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