How this little Mistake almost ruined my Marriage!

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How this little Mistake almost ruined my Marriage!

I would never stop to reminisce about my marriage. If there were a more important word than perfect, I would use it. My Husband treasured me with his whole heart, and I felt I was married to a bride-groom from heaven .

 Everything was sweet, tremendous, and flawless.

One night, my Husband called me and said,” Sweetie if I die today, would you raise me?” I was like what is Ben saying; raise you? He asked again the second time, “Sweetie if I die or be  out of breath, would you raise me?”

I was silent for some few minutes before he turned to the other side of the bed, and within a few minutes, he slept off!

The next day was cherished as usual by my Husband, and since he didn’t make mention of it again, I was happy, and our marital journey continued without issues. I was the prayerful type, and my Husband was the great type that treasured me and made me feel loved.

Two years later, the devil struck, and before I knew it, Ben came back from work one night and started using wrong words on me. He insulted me till when tears were dropping from my eyes. Fast track to a few months later, everything looked destroyed; My once loving Husband was now a stranger; he was no longer eating my meals again! One night in my bedroom, I looked up and said, “Holy Spirit reveal the unknown to me! I slept off only for me to have a dream…

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Samantha Smith

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