Set Ablaze your Weakness I

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Set Ablaze Your Weakness I

Do you know at a point in life, all Christians have dealt or are dealing with weakness? You may say, “I don’t have a weakness, but I can boldly tell you so far you have blood running in you, you have a weakness at present or in the past.”

While growing up, I would never forget the challenge I had dealing with sexual sins. It was so intense that after committing it, it felt like I could not get out of it. I would roll on my bed for several hours, not finding a reliable solution to my mystery. I prayed and prayed but still yet; I was unable to mend my ways. Then one day as I was listening to a Christian program, I heard a passage in the Bible that touched my life….1 Corinthians 6: 18 which says,” flee from sexual sins!” 

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Hey, sexual sin is the only sin you cannot pray against when you get yourself in it. The only solution to sexual immorality is to flee! Have you ever asked yourself why a strong man of God can undoubtedly be lured into sexual sin? It is because when He had the chance to flee, he refused to flee.

David had the chance to flee before sleeping with Uriah’s wife, but he chose to embrace the temptation, and that led to a great repercussion that divided his family.

Apostle Paul said in the book of 1 Corinthians: 3-5, “I came to you in my weakness-timid and trembling!

 Are You Standing In The Middle of an Open Field?

It means everyone one of us at a point will deal with weakness. It can be shyness, sexual weakness, anger, lack of self-control, or any other kind of weakness.

Listen! You cannot deal with weakness without the help of the Holy Spirit. Allowing that weakness to take total control of your life can be detrimental. Weakness can ruin a Christian if not dealt with swiftly. The first thing to do is to discover what type of weakness you are facing; the second is to tell it to the Holy Spirit… ask him to help you with the weakness; pray and fast, and before you know it, you will receive the needed strength!

Apostle Paul said in the latter part of 1 Corinthians 2:5 that he relied on the power of the Holy Spirit. The only one who could get you out of that weakness is the Holy Spirit. You need to rely on him to strengthen you ultimately. Are you tired of that constant masturbation, rely on the Holy Spirit. Are you tired of uttering hurtful words when angry? Then, rely on the Holy Spirit. Are you tired of that monster that makes you beat your wife after just a little provocation? Then, tell the Holy Spirit to help you. No one is superhuman, at a point in life, we all need help and who better to help us?

The Holy Spirit is your helper if indeed you want to destroy that weakness that is gradually separating you from God!

Samantha Smith

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