I just forgave my Father!

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Do you know how it feels to wake up daily with that burning hatred towards someone? That was precisely how I felt while growing up towards my Father! Waking up every day with the regular beating he gave my mum got me depressed!

Life meant nothing to me; I was more like one day, I will avenge my mum for all the pain He caused her!

… Life sometimes looks unfair when you find yourself settling for the hard things in life while others are enjoying the best. I had a mum who was willing to go the extra mile to put food on the table. I also had a father who never cared; all he loved to do was get himself drunk and hurt anyone telling him what was right.

I was happy the very day my mum came to her senses and ended it with my Father. Honestly, it was one of the happiest days of my life. I altered some words with my whole strength, “Mum, you are free!”

I grew up with my mum, who taught me how to live life, loving everyone; she asked me a thousand and one times to let go even though deep within me, my mind was made up.

Fast track to a few years later, I gave my life to Christ and while studying one day, the Holy Spirit revealed a passage to me that changed my life for a lifetime. ( Matthew 18: 21-35)

What a lesson that should teach us about forgiveness! God has forgiven us for a tremendous debt of sin. Whatever transgression, a Christian brother commits against us is small in comparison. And God forgives us not once but thousands of times. Can we not forgive our brother several times, even if we have a cause for complaint?

As soon as I read this, I started crying. Honestly, my Father had hurt me so much that it was painful to let go. I finally forgave my father and I felt better within me.

Who has offended you that you choose not to forgive? Listen! If God can forgive you a thousand and one times after every sin, then you should forgive that person.

Give way for the joy of the Lord in your heart. Start the week with a decision to let go of everyone who has offended you. Remember, Jesus said, “If you have issues with your neighbor and you want to give an offering, go back settle your differences before you give your offering.

During the Christmas period, I bought some gifts for my Dad, and He was happy to receive it for me. He asked for my forgiveness, and I was delighted to see him happy with me. Don’t be the direct hindrance to your prayers this year. Forgive everyone who has offended you.

Samantha Smith

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