Your will or God’s will?

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Happy New Week to you!

Do you know one of the greatest mistakes you can make as a Christian is to be unable to differentiate your will and God’s will?

When the disciples were praying without results to back up their prayers, they went to Jesus and asked Him to teach them to pray! 

Jesus said while teaching them in the book of Mathew 6:10, “May your Kingdom come soon. May your will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.

If indeed, you want to succeed in anything, you must allow God’s will to supersede your own will. When God goes ahead to take your decision, you can never fail at it. 

Many marriages have been destroyed today because none of the couples took it to God. Have you asked God for his opinion before going ahead to take that job? Have you asked God if that man or woman is the one He has chosen for you? When you take it to God, He will give you the right answers and way out of every situation. 

I would never forget the time I was to choose a career. One day, I got an interview invitation, which my heart never agreed to! I went to God in prayers and told him if He didn’t want me to do it, He should not make the interview a success. 

Immediately, I left home, there was a massive standstill on the road because of an accident, and before I got to the venue of the interview, everyone was gone! I needed no one to tell me; it was not the will of God for me. Instead of me crying, I was joyous because God just saved me from a career He never chose for me!

David was a mighty king; He killed Goliath, so why should he be afraid to take anyone down? David never did that; when He came back from Ziglag ( I Samuel 30) and found out his whole family had been taken captive, the Bible said, ” David was depressed.” He picked himself up and inquired of the Lord if He should pursue, and God told him, “You could pursue!”

If you don’t take it to God before you make that decision, then don’t bring it to God when the decision fails because He might not listen to you! God is faithful, yeah I know, but don’t take God for granted by leaving him in the boot instead of the Driver’s seat.

Samantha Smith

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