If Only You Believe….

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Happy New week to you! I hope you had a great weekend? I believe this week will be a great one for you in the mighty name of Jesus.

 Besides, I want you to know Jesus is coming soon; the best you can do is to live right, love the people around you, bid sin goodbye, build a stronger relationship with the Holy Spirit, and above all, don’t embrace the things of the World.

 Remember, if you miss Heaven, you cannot miss hellfire! I pray God will uphold you and me so that we would always live to please God in the mighty name of Jesus.

When I was studying this morning (John 11: 38-45), the Holy Spirit revealed a powerful word to me, “Believe.”

In verse 40 of the book of John 11, Jesus told Martha, “Didn’t I tell you that if you believed, you would see the glory of God?”

Now, let’s look at the word believe- accept that (something) is true, especially without proof.

Now, Jesus was telling Martha, you will only see the glory of God manifesting when you believe in me (able to do all things). You cannot receive anything when you don’t believe.

It’s great to be a prayerful Christian (tongues filled), but do you believe in the abilities of Jesus? Do you believe He can make things happen within a twinkle of an eye? Do you believe He can bring that dead business of yours back to life? Do you believe He can bring back that husband/wife of yours who is lost back to you?

The Word our Lord Jesus is giving us this morning is, Believe!

If you don’t believe in the ever-potent power of our Lord Jesus Christ, you will never benefit from the numerous miracles He sends your way every day.

Jesus is telling you this week, “Before you start asking, believe in your heart that I can do it.”

Martha was depressed, in fact, hopeless… Jesus looked at her and knew something was missing in her which was “believe.” For the Glory of God to show forth in your life, there is a need for you to believe in the ever working power of our Lord Jesus Christ. The glory of God makes people say, “This is not a man that did this; it is GOD!”

The Glory of God makes people say, because of this great miracle that happened to you, I am giving my life to Christ. If you want your life to emanate the full glory of God, you must believe in our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Bible says in verse 41 that Jesus looked up to Heaven and said, “Father, thank you for hearing me (A strong belief). Jesus is showing us a practical aspect of believing in the Father. He went further by saying, you always hear me!

Jesus was convinced the Father was always attentive to Him; He believes our heavenly Father wholeheartedly. Do you know the glory of the Father manifested in verse 45? The Bible says many people who were with Mary believed in Jesus because they saw a unique miracle! 

Listen! There is a strong connection between believing in God and receiving miracles. 

Are you looking out for an outstanding Miracle? Then you need to believe in God! Are you expecting a miracle before the month folds up? Believe in God!

Before you begin rolling out your prayers this week, have this firm conviction you are reaching to a God who can do exceedingly beyond your imagination!

Have a great WEEK :)!

Samantha Smith

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