With God All things are possible!

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A happy new week to you! Don’t stop trusting in God; If He has done it before, He will surely do it again!

At exactly 8:30 last night, I entered my sitting room, put on the TV, and saw it on CNN that the number of dead people has crossed 54,000.

Well, I went to bed and had a dream; in the dream, I saw school children resuming back to school with smiles on their faces. Then at precisely 7:15 while still rolling on my bed, the Holy Spirit whispered a song to me, “With God, all things are possible!”

I woke up with smiles on the face and believed that my God could do all things!

Do you feel like giving up? Do you feel depressed presently? Do you think death is knocking on your door? Do you think your business will not rise again? I have a word from God to you this morning!

My Father told me to tell you; With Me (God) all things are POSSIBLE. I don’t want to know the lies the devil has poured out to deceive you; all I know is that my God is stepping into that situation and pouring out solutions.

Have you forgotten the story of the Man who was at the pool of Bethesda (John 5:1-13) for thirty-eight years with no hope of getting healed; he was hopeless.  When our Lord Jesus asked Him, Do you want to get well? He said, and I quote,” Anytime the water is stirred, I don’t have anyone to put me in the pool!”

What situation is confronting you that look hopeless this morning? What condition is bursting forth the fear in you because it seems nothing is changing?

I am a message from God this morning, which says: With Me (God), all things are possible. You don’t need to cry anymore; you don’t need to kill your faith anymore. God is stepping in right away.

Is it that sickness that is taking your happiness away? Is it that challenge that is making you sad? God is telling you, I can make the impossible possible.

Hey! Even though you lose your job, trust in God. You don’t need to give the devil reasons to smile. If He has done it before, He will do it for you.

Instead of being troubled, worried, sad, or anxious, put on your praising shoes and praise Him in advance for the good things He will do this week. With God, all things are possible. Don’t worry about anything but instead take everything to God (Philippians 4:6-7).

I pray for you today; God will make the impossible possible for you! He will meet all your needs this week in the mighty name of Jesus 🙂

Samantha Smith

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