The real Secret to prosperity…

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Do you know you don’t have to be a prophet to hear from God?  The real secret to hearing from God is doing the will of God! (Building a relationship, evangelizing, and living a life worth emulating.)

Today, I want to talk on the secret to being successful in all areas of your life…

Do you know you can command success in all areas of your life by doing just one thing… “Evangelizing”! Spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ is the key to prosperity!

It looks stupid, but the truth is, there’s no one who spreads the gospel that would not PROSPER! Let’s look at the life of Apostle Paul; immediately, the gift of the Holy Spirit came upon Him; the Bible recorded that He was the one that stepped forward to preach. (Acts 2:14)

If you read on to Acts 5: 12-16, the Bible recorded that people were staying outside to feel the shadow of Apostle Paul pass through their sick fellows, and they were healed!

When you do the will of God, you will prosper in all you do! If you want to be successful in all you do, preach the gospel. Have you told someone about Jesus today? Have you told someone their pain will be over when they give Jesus an opportunity in their lives?

You will never struggle when you preach the gospel. The Bible recorded in the book of Acts 6:5 how men were chosen to help the Apostles, but there was a man who stood out among them ( Stephen); the Bible recorded that he was filled with the Spirit of God, and preached and evangelized in the Temple. Stephen was killed, but you know what, as He was stoned to death ( Acts 7:55), he looked up and saw Jesus standing at the right side of God with total satisfaction from Him.

 Can Jesus stand for you today? If Jesus could stand for Stephen when He was being persecuted, He can stand in for you today. All you need to do to stand out in life is to preach the gospel. Doing the will of God should supersede your will; when you go the extra miles for Jesus, He will go the extra miles for you.

Don’t forget this, Seek first the kingdom of God, and every other thing you need will be added to you (Matthew 6:33). Drop the worries, challenges, and bad times and seek the kingdom of God right away.  Tell someone about Jesus today, just as I am telling you now!

Have a blissful and fulfilled Week 🙂

Samantha Smith

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