The Hidden Mystery Behind, “Ask, Seek & Knock! (You need to see this)

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Happy New Week to you! 🙂

I pray that this week will be great for you. Whatever thing you set out to do will be prosperous! Don’t forget Jesus is coming soon; live a life worth emulating by others. Let your life be the message and God will be pleased with you 😉

Do you know when Jesus was telling us in the book of Matthew 7: 7 that we should ask and it will be given to us;  seek and we shall find, knock and it will be open unto you, there’s a big mystery He was trying to unravel to us?

There is a big difference between asking, seeking, and knocking!

When you ask, you are merely going to God directly without much power(Force) to your prayers. I can ask God for a house, car, etc. Imagine you asking something from your Dad? Would you do it aggressively? No, you won’t!

 When you ask, you do it gently, with no force from you! Jesus knew there would be moments when we pray in Prayer, and still, we will not be getting answers.

Let me unravel a big secret; when you ask God for things you need and aren’t getting the deserved answers, you can go a step further by seeking Him! How do I seek God, you may ask?

It’s time you stop looking down!

You seek God by reading His words. When you understand God’s word when you seek Him in his words, you can always speak out His words in His prayer altar.  Your prayer request shouldn’t end with you just asking!

Do you know some prayers would not command God’s answers when you only ask?  Furthermore, some prayers would not allow God to move when you ask and seek only!

When you have asked God for things you need and have sought his word, and still no answers, it’s time to knock!

Can you knock and not apply Force? The Bible says the Kingdom of Heaven suffereth violence, and only the violent would take it by Force (would have access to it)!

If you have been praying and still do not see answers, you knock down that door, hindering your answers. When you can knock down obstacles in your prayer room, there is no way you will not get answers from God.

You should know knocking can also mean knocking the door of Heaven; you, doing everything to get the attention of God.

David understood God, and that was why God called Him a man after His heart. When you have asked, sought, you can knock the door of Heaven with praise!

It’s time to stop looking DOWN…

You don’t praise God and don’t see the hand of God in your life. When nothing is working, knock the door of Heaven with praise! When you are about to give up, knock the door of Heaven with praise and something must happen.

Praise moves God, and until you learn to give God befitting praise when it looks like nothing is working before He would move on your behalf!

Have a blissful Week Ahead 🙂

Samantha Smith

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