God can DOUBLE it!

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Do you know GOD can make DOUBLE whatsoever you give to him or people in NEED?

A few weeks back, I moved into a new neighborhood! Honestly, I loved everything about the new place 🙂

One day, I woke up and saw an older woman in front of my DOOR…

I was shocked, and before I could say anything, she stretched her hands and gave me a bowl of FRUITS!

I was shocked, and you know WHY; she gave me what no one had given me before( when I didn’t even know her).

I looked her in the eyes (with lots of emotions), and said, “Thank you so much, Ma’am…!”

Guess what I did next…

I followed this woman back to her house without her knowing. Immediately I knew where she was living, I turned around and headed home…

When I got home, I proposed in my heart,” Whatsoever she gives me, I will DOUBLE it!

I started the next day… I doubled everything; she gave me the previous day.

Just this last Sunday, I gave her four times of what she gave me!

Hey! There is nothing you give to people that God will not DOUBLE It…

Do you think that tithe you‘re paying will go like that? God will double it for you!

Don’t relent in helping others; God sees you. If He promises to bless those who water others, He will water yours. Continue giving to people in need, and God will continue to DOUBLE your blessings!

Don’t relent in trying something new when it comes to giving; GOD will one day, DOUBLE it!

Samantha Smith

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