Prayed Repeatedly but no Answers? Try this….

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Many times, when we are pushing for breakthrough, we have to pray like Elijah when he was praying for rain (1 Kings 18:42-44).

Having prayed for a time, he sent his servant to look for the cloud; and the servant returned to tell this big, powerful, prophet that there was no cloud…once, twice, thrice…six times he saw nothing, Nothing!

Yet there is no report in the word of Elijah getting flustered and upset, quarrelling with God (hey, he did that elsewhere, in another situation!), having a crisis of faith, giving up, growing weary, or choosing to ‘adjust’ to living without rain.

Each time, he simply kept praying, intently. He only stopped when the servant reported the manifestation of an answer. I believe if that had meant sending the servant back to look again and again ten times, even twenty times,

Elijah would have done it, and continued steadfastly and stubbornly until the answer was seen – such was his conviction about GOD.

In seeking an answer from the Lord, especially related to crucial things in our walk before Him, we must consider it a partnership of war, a partnership with God to fight to bring heaven to earth (yes, like rain coming down), to make what He ALREADY wills to be manifest in the natural.

I believe God was as willing to cause the rainclouds to show the first time the servant went to look as He was the seventh time the servant looked; He was not unwilling to send rain, He didn’t have to be coerced. But in the delay, Elijah demonstrated his fierce, determined focus on GOD and His power and had NO regard for the physical ‘evidence’ of no rain. In the end, the physical realm bowed to Elijah’s fierce faith in the Eternal God and God’s answer to that faith.

In this scripture, He has provided a testimony, an encouragement and an instruction, for us who have come after, as to what prevailing prayer often looks like.

What will such prayers entail for each of us in our particular situation? Warfare prayers? Prophetic decrees? Travailing? Tongues?  Praying as we wash the dishes? Praying as we walk down the street?

Praying at midnight (yes!), morning, noon and evening, and many times in between? Crying tears when we have no more words? All of those things?…Whatever it takes, whatever it takes, WHATEVER IT TAKES, until we see the cloud! Let us do like Elijah did so we can get what

Elijah got: an answer from on high! People of God, be stubborn, be fierce! Do not give up, for God is faithful! Press in! The answer is coming! Amen!

Samantha Smith

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