Have you DEALT with that storm?

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I have a question for YOU….

Have you DEALT with that storm?

In Luke 8:22-33, the bible talked about our Lord Jesus crossing over to the over side on a boat. Being tired, He wanted to rest, so he was asleep for some time! After a while, the storm started, and the boat was about to sink. The disciples hurried, told him about the storm, and Jesus rebuked the storm!

Now, do you know there was a man that needed the touch of Jesus at the other side? The demons (Legion), knowing fully well that Jesus was coming, wanted to do everything to hinder Him from healing that man, and that was why that storm was there to hinder Him…

The Secret of HANNAH!

If not that Jesus was willing to take over that territory, that man would have never been healed! He would have remained at the cemetery for the rest of his life!

What am I saying?

Some storms need to be rebuked for you to receive your miracles! Some storms need to be rebuked for you to connect with the helper of your life!

You need to deal with some storms for you to witness an outstanding breakthrough in LIFE!

Jesus rebuked that storm because He had the power of God in Him!

Also, our Lord Jesus Christ said, “If you believe, you can command mountains to move!”

Also, He said, “I have given you authority to tread upon snakes and SCORPIONs!

Have you used the authority given to you to stop those unwanted storms in your LIFE?

Have you rebuked the unending storms in your LIFE?

Until you use that authority given to you, STORMS will not cease!

Prayed Repeatedly but no Answers? Try this….

I pray for you today; every storm raising its head at the time of your breakthrough is destroyed in the mighty name of Jesus!

Rebuke those storms, and your miracle will not ELUDE you this week!

I pray God blesses you beyond your expectations before the years fold up in the mighty name of Jesus! Amen…

Samantha Smith

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