Is There Anything Too hard for GOD?

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Today, I want to talk on the topic, is there anything too hard for GOD? After 13 years that Ishmael that existing (Genesis 17:1), the bible says that God appeared to Abram and told him He will make him the father of many nations. In verse 17 of the same chapter, the bible says and Abraham laughed and said, “How could I become a father at the age of 100?” God said, no, your wife Sarah will give birth to a child. God indirectly was telling Him, you see that impossibility that is lurking in your heart, I will turn it to possibility.

God is telling you this morning, I will turn every impossibility into possibilities in your life this YEAR! What is that thing that has been impossible in the past years; what is that situation that has eaten deep and taken away your happiness… God is telling you this year, I will do it for you!

In Genesis 18:10, God told Abraham by this time next year, I will return to you and by then, Sarah would have her own child. In total unbelief, Sarah laughed because she thought it was not possible. Then Our God said, Is there anything too hard for me to do?

I am asking you today, Is there anything too hard for God to do for you this year? Just as Sarah received her miracle in one year, you will be testifying by this time next year. As I was writing this, the Lord God dropped it in my heart to tell you this..

In the book of Amos 9:13b that mountains shall drip wines… Impossibilities will start becoming possible; you will rejoice because God will do it for YOU!

By this time next year, whatsoever you are looking forth for him to answer you shall be done. The Lord God will speedily meet your heart desires in the mighty name of Jesus. I want you to write it out, believe in your heart, write today’s date on it (January 5th, 2021), and keep it in a place safe. By this time next year, you will bring it out and YOU will be rejoicing because God will have done it in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen

Samantha Smith

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