Is GOD dead?

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I am so happy we have covered the first ten days of our fast. Testimonies have been pouring in for me. I am sure you will surely testify before this month ends in the mighty name of Jesus, Amen!

This is a crucial season; please, do everything to do what is right; do everything to build a lasting relationship with God! If you want to enjoy great abundance, do everything to keep the Father happy with you! 

Meanwhile, don’t forget this; there is nothing as sweet as making it to HEAVEN! Heaven is real, and Hell is real too. Live right daily; do the bidding of God daily and do everything to live a sin-free life. I pray as you do so; the Lord God will bless you and increase you in all ramifications in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen!

Meanwhile, yesterday, I was rushing to church to beat time and get to church before the worker’s prayer commenced, then something SHOCKING Happened…

Few miles away from the church, I saw an older woman being tendered to because she was involved in an accident. I came closer and saw she was a woman I know very well!

 Immediately I was saddened from the inside and was like, God, why, why, why!

Now, I know you will be saying why I would say that?

 Listen, this was a woman I knew; she was extremely fervent when it comes to the work of God! She sacrificed everything when it comes to working for God. I was like God; this should have never happened to this woman. Immediately, a man whispered beside me and said, “Why not let us thank God she is alive.” What if she fell and died instantly? 

Have you found YOURSELF in your situation where you are asking yourself REPEATEDLY, “Is God Dead?” I got great news for you; God is not dead? He is alive, and He knows everything you are going through, and at the right time, He will come in!

I know what it means to be depressed; I know what it means to see nothing working, and I know what it means to be financially grounded!

But, all I have to say to you this morning is that “God is not DEAD!”

In Ruth 1-4; the bible talked about a woman (Naomi) who found herself in a hopeless situation. Her husband was dead, her two sons were dead, and there were no grandchildren to take care of her when she gets old. Her condition was practically HOPELESS. Also, Ruth was in the same situation; her husband was dead, and nothing was working for her. She was in a real hopeless situation. But in their desperate state, they never gave up. Eventually, in Chapter 4 of Ruth, Ruth, and Naomi were blessed, and their hopeless situation faded away!

What is that circumstance that is taking away your peace? I am here to tell you God sees it all. He never sleeps nor slumbers! He is never tired of hearing our cries. When you are weak, God will make you STRONGER! God will give you happiness; He will heal all your diseases, and He will return your happiness to you. In your DEPRESSED state, do not lose your praise! I am delighted to let you know GOD is not dead because even when He is silent, He is still working miracles!

Samantha Smith

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