“This ONE question changed my life…”

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Years ago, while I was praying, a question popped up in my mind, which was: What must you keep on doing to attract the grace and favor of God continuously?”

Have you asked yourself this QUESTION? Have you taken a few minutes to think deeply about this?

The Bible says in the book of Psalm 92:12,” The righteous will flourish like a palm tree, they would grow like a seed of cedar (NIV)

Now, take a few minutes to digest that verse…

The righteous will flourish like a palm TREE… not may!

They will flourish like a seed of cedar…

The Bible tells you, healthwise, you will flourish, financially, you will flourish, maritally, you will FLOURISH, and in everything, you will flourish! 

Can I hear you say Amen! Amen….

Have you seen a palm tree before? It flourishes at all times. There is no dry season for a palm tree. 

Without holding back words, I can tell you with total confidence that it is your right to prosper in life! As a Christian whose daily desire is to please God, it is your right to thrive in all you do!

Let’s examine the latter of that passage—what it means to grow like a cedar in Lebanon. Lebanon’s cedar is a cone-producing tree that can grow up to 120 feet tall (imagine a 10- to a 12-story building). Its branches are wide-spreading and go straight out horizontally 30 to 50 feet from the trunk. It was known in biblical areas as “the king of trees.”

When you flourish like a palm tree and grow like the seed of CEDAR, you can never lack anything good in life. But there is a big question for you…

Are you living a righteous LIFE to claim all this? The key to prosperity is OBEDIENCE to God.

In this month, you will prosper in the mighty name of Jesus, but yet, you need to do away with anything that will truncate your blessing!

Samantha Smith

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