You need to break this Limitation….

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A few months ago, a prominent lady reached out to me and said, Samee, the man I was planning to marry just ditched me. He said He was no longer interested 🙂

Saddening, right? 

Let me tell you a little story about this lady! This was a lady praying for a God-sent husband for over four years; this was a lady everyone around her has said she could never get married. This is a lady that the situations in life have kept her depressed and sad. When she was talking with me, she was unhappy and unwilling to carry on!

One day, she called me and said, “I am willing to fast and pray continuously until I see things change!” She embarked on this journey (with total belief in God), and within a few months, God answered her. God gave her the desired man she had prayed for. You know the glorious news, in a few months from today; they will be tying the knot 🙂

What am I trying to pass across to you? There are some divine breakthroughs you will never get until you break some limitations. There are some heights you will never witness until you break some boundaries. 

Limitations are there to stop you from mounting the height that God has set for you, and until you propose in your heart to break those limitations, you might struggle to rise. 

Are you aware there are generational limitations? Are you aware there are marital limitations? Are you aware there is stagnancy limitation? And so many types of limitations.

The woman with the issue of blood has an embargo placed on her health for 12 years (Matthew 9:20-22). She was facing the sickness limitation. It was a limitation that took everything from her. But that Limitation was broken the very moment she proposed in her heart to touch our Lord Jesus Christ.

Isaac was able to break the Limitation of Famine when He listened to God! (Genesis 26:2). The bible says Isaac reaped a hundredfold that year (Genesis 26:12)

Hannah had the barrenness limitation; She was visiting Shiloh every year, but nothing happened in Hannah’s life until she chose to break the Limitation with prayers (backed up with a vow). (I Samuel 1:9-10)

What is that Limitation stopping you from moving forward in life? What is that Limitation that is robbing your joy and happiness? What is that Limitation stagnating your life?

Until you yearn in your heart to break it, you might not move forward. Our Lord Jesus, while addressing his disciples in the book of Mathew 17:21, He said,” But this kind of demon does not go out except by prayer and fasting. (AMP)

There are some limitations you can only break when you fast, pray and believe. I pray for you today; every limitation disgracing the name of God in your life is broken in the mighty name of Jesus. Every power stagnating you, stopping you from mounting new heights, is destroyed in the mighty name of Jesus. God will free you powerfully from this moment in the mighty name of Jesus.

Have a great week; God bless you! 

Samantha Smith

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