Have you asked God?

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The book of Deuteronomy 34:9 says, “Now Joshua son of Nun was full of the wisdom of God, for Moses had laid his hands on him!

As you can see in the above passage, Joshua was filled with God’s wisdom because Moses had laid his hands on him. Unfortunately, with the wisdom Joshua had, He made a big mistake that tortured Israel for a long time…

In Joshua 9: 1-21, the Bible talked about a particular set of People from Gibeon. When they saw the mightiness of God in the life of the Israelites, they chose to save their necks by deceiving them.

The Bible says they packed old bread and old wine to deceive the Israelites… so they would think they lived far away. They were successful eventually. Eventually, the Israelites made a peace treaty with the Gibeonites without knowing they were being deceived.

But do you know the shocking thing…. With the wisdom that was deposited in the life of Joshua, he made a big mistake, and we can find it in verse 14b; THE Bible says, “The Israelites did not consult (ask) God before taking that decision!

Many years later, the Israelites paid for Joshua’s mistake in the book of 2 Samuel 21. Just because Saul killed the Gibeonites, there was Famine for three years in Israel in David’s time, and to cancel it, the Gibeonites requested seven heads of Saul’s sons just because of the mistake made in the book of Joshua 9!

[First Name]! What decision have you taken or are you about to take that you haven’t asked GOD? When you ignore God’s light, there would be no lamp to light your path in the dark.

Are you about to wed? Are you about to take a new job? Are you about to take a drastic decision about your marriage? Then Ask GOD!

Don’t do anything without asking God. Always seek his attention before you make the next move.

I remembered a few years ago. I was in-between being self-employed and working for a company. I didn’t know which will favor me since I was anxious and needed to take drastic action. I went to God, poured out my prayers, and said just one thing. Oh God, if you don’t want me to take that job, please let me miss the interview.

I woke up very early, dressed up, and when I hit the road, there was heavy traffic on the road. I got to the interview venue a few hours later. And when I got there, all the interviewers and those who came for the interview were gone. Immediately, I knew God was telling me to stay self-employed.

 Hey! Before you proceed to take any decision this year, seek the face of God. Don’t make mistakes that can ruin you just like they did to the Israelites through the Gibeonites.

Samantha Smith

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