The SECRET to breaking hidden Curses…

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A happy new week to you. I hope you are enjoying your month of the unexplainable, unexpected season of miracles.

Don’t forget theirs is a big reward for those who live their lives completely doing the will of God. Even if you miss everything here on earth, don’t miss anything in heaven! Live a life that would always please God.

I was hoping you could take a few minutes to answer this question…
What is that situation that your Father, grandparents, or ancestors are going through(or went through) raising its head against you?
If God’s punishment can spread through to the third or fourth generation, what stops hidden curses from moving from your parents to you?

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In the book of 2 Samuel 11: 1-26, the bible talked about David sleeping with the wife of Uriah (Bathsheba). And to cover his sins, he killed Uriah, took his wife, and married her.
In 2 Samuel 12: 10-11a, God cursed David by saying: “From this time on, your family will live by the sword because you despised me by taking Uriah’s wife to be your own. Because of what you have done, I will cause your own household to rebel against you.
The curse started working in David’s life, and who was the first it affected his life? Amnon, the first child of David. If you are the firstborn in your family, you need to do everything to break the curses around you. The Firstborn of most families go through a lot when it comes to shouldering curses.
In the book of 2 Samuel 13:2, the curse started its work on Amnon’s life. I pray for you today; every curse that has hindered you in the past is destroyed with the fire of the Holy Ghost from this instance in the mighty name of Jesus.
Amnon had a sexual desire for his sister. You might say, what does having sexual desire have in common with a sword not departing his house(2 Samuel 12:10)?

Let me tell you the reason… For a curse to operate fully in a man’s life, something must push it out! And for that curse to come to pass, it was Amnon that it came through. Unfortunately, he was the first son.
After raping his sister Tamar (2 Samuel 13:14), the love, he had for her previously faded instantly.

Two years later, Absalom avenged his sister Tamar. After deceiving the king, he killed Amnon ( 2 kings 13:29).
The curse laid on David started showing itself in the life of the children of David from that very moment.
What is that curse that has hindered you in the past? What mistake did your parents make that is limiting you right now?
Hidden curses will not go until you break and destroy them from destroying you. I am glad to let you know my new book, “Authoritative Prayers to uproot all hidden curses,” is out.
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Listen! That curse showed itself in the life of Absalom when He deceived the whole of Israel and took his Father’s throne (2 Samuel 15). Also, it showed itself in the life of Adonijah, another son of David (1 Kings 2:25).
If not for Nathan and Bathsheba, the curse would have destroyed Solomon ( I Kings 1).
It is your right to live in prosperity, total health, and happiness. But if you refuse to break those hidden curses, you might remain stagnant in life.
I pray for you this week; every curse that limited your parents will not limit you in the mighty name of Jesus. You will rise beyond your expectations and achieve far beyond your parents in the mighty name of Jesus.
Have a blessed week 🙂
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Samantha Smith

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