Mercy is willing to Speak….

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I am so happy to be reaching out to you. It’s more blessed to give than to receive; help someone around you this month so you can receive the help of God. Don’t forget heaven is real; it is much better to have a room in heaven than to have streams of houses here on earth!

While studying this morning, these two strong verses dropped in my heart.  John 8:1-11 and Mark 10:46-52

The first one (John 8:1-11) talks about a woman who was caught in adultery and was brought to Jesus. She was to be stoned to death! The teachers asked Jesus what should be done to the woman, then our Lord Jesus Christ said, “All right, but let no one who has never sinned throw the first stone!”

When they heard this, they all left, one after the other, leaving only the woman with our Lord Jesus Christ.

The second story (Mark 10:46-52) talks about a blind man called Bartimaeus. When he heard our Lord Jesus Christ was missing, he screamed amid the crowd for the mercy of Jesus. The Bible say even though the people around were trying to silence Him…Jesus heard him, healed him, and he was able to see.

Do you know the Four(4) powerful things in these two(2) stories…?

#First: These two people were facing a hopeless situation ( one was able to be stoned to death while the other was practically blind)

#Second: They never prayed, but something turned around their situation…

#Third: The Presence of our Lord Jesus Christ…

#Fourth: The Mercy of God spoke on their behalf…

Do you the answer to many years of prayer can be quickened with a few seconds of mercy?

Mercy was able to save this woman from DEATH!

Mercy was able to heal the blind Bartimaeus who had been blind for many years…

Do you know the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ can save you from debts…

Do you know the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ can save your marriage…

Do you know the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ can save you from barrenness…

Do you know the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ can save you from marital stagnancy…

Do you know the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ can do absolutely anything?

When the MERCY of GOD speaks, no door can be shut…

When the mercy of GOD speaks, years of toiling can turn to many days of plenty. 

Mercy doesn’t look at your wrongs (or your sins), it only pours the light of God on the darkness raising its head against you. 

Mercy doesn’t look at the number of hours you have spent praying, it only automates the blessings of GOD upon your life. 

What is that thing that looks unresolvable?

What is that thing giving you sleepless nights and making you cry ceaselessly?

The Mercy of God is willing to SPEAK!

First Name, the mercy of God is willing to speak on your behalf right now. 

Scream it with your might…”Mercy of GOD, speak for me today!”

The mercy of God, speak for me in this situation [Mention it]!

All through this week, continue to ask for the mercy of God, and I know it will speak for you in the mighty name of Jesus.

Have a blessed week!

Samantha Smith

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